Li Fengjuan

Mdm Li Fengjuan

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My First Skool at Blk 507A Wellington Circle

Mdm Li Fengjuan is an experienced and highly motivated pre-school Chinese Language teacher who delivers well-structured lessons which are both practical and creative.

Using her own passion and creativity, Mdm Li is able to stimulate the curiosity and interest of her students through a variety of teaching strategies to ensure her children learn effectively. She goes to great pains to ensure her teaching strategies are age–appropriate, and reinforces positive behaviour by using the “I-message” expression as an integral part of her classroom management tool. Mdm Li also uses a variety of teaching resources to capture her children’s attention. For example, in her lesson on “Insects in the park”, Mdm Li used a video clip on Sembawang Park to teach language structures and vocabulary. Mdm Li’s wide range of strategies ensure her children are always fully engaged in their learning.

Mdm Li, recognising that every pupil is different, is a firm believer in differentiated instruction. She champions pre-school Chinese education in Singapore and truly believes that she has an important role to play in contributing to the pre-school scene in Singapore.




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