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P4 Stories Come Alive


MY World @ Canberra


MY World uses a simple 3-step (Enjoy-Experience-Express) process to design our learning experiences so that the children will (1) enjoy learning Chinese; (2) experience and gain awareness of the uniqueness of Chinese and how it is used in the local context; and (3) express themselves effectively in Chinese.

Stories allow the teaching of values and character in a more authentic context. Dramatising stories also makes learning more engaging and interesting for the children. As such, our teachers use a variety of story-telling techniques to inspire our children to speak and use Chinese in creative ways.

In addition, to cater to individual children’s interests, learning styles and needs, teachers make their own teaching aids such as magic aprons, puppets, story carousels, story boxes, story easels, story dioramas, etc.


我们MY World运用简单的三个步骤(“喜爱—体验—表达”)设计教学活动,因此幼儿可以(1)对华语学习感兴趣;(2)体验和感受华语的独特魅力,了解本地华语的用法;(3)掌握华语的基础技能,用所学的华语表达自己的想法。



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