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S14 News Reading Programme


Tanjong Katong Secondary School


To develop students to be effective communicators in Chinese, Tanjong Katong Secondary School introduced the Chinese News Reading Programme. It is a level-based reading programme in which each level would be assigned specific themes. The reading package for each level comprises of content knowledge of the various themes and questions to help deepen thinking and broaden the perspectives of students. With the use of thematic reading packages, students are able to practise their communication and presentation skills, engaging their class audience as they share their views on current affairs. In addition, public speaking in Chinese is also conducted during school-wide events and assembly programmes to enhance students’ confidence in public speaking. With the implementation of thematic reading programme and the emphasis on oracy skills and thinking skills, we aim to impress upon students that Chinese is a living language and that we can learn to use Chinese effectively to communicate our ideas and opinions with people around us, within and beyond the classroom.


为了让学生有能力运用华文华语进行有效的沟通,我校推行了华文新闻阅读教学计划。在这项计划中,每个年级的学生按照教师分配的主题进行阅读。 阅读本包括老师编辑的新闻资料、相关词汇及多样化的思考题。学生除了在课堂上能针对不同的新闻话题与同学交流想法,还可以进行个人的口头报告,甚至在全校活动和周会上演讲。这项计划注重培养学生活学活用华文华语,希望通过阅读计划加强学生对新闻话题的认识,同时培养他们以不同的方式思考问题,从而提高学生的批判性思维以及口语表达能力。

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