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S15 Igniting the Joy of Learning with Chinese GO


St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School


Some students have found the learning of Chinese an arduous task due to their lack of vocabulary and practice. They have difficulties articulating their thoughts and views. These adversely affect their confidence and motivation to learn.

To tackle this issue, the team from St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School developed a mobile app, Chinese GO!, to help students learn structured content in the syllabus via game dynamics. Chinese GO! is built on the existing teaching and learning packages. It promotes self-directed learning which can take place anytime, anywhere on mobile devices. Students play the game to build up their vocabulary and this enables their avatars to evolve over time. The presence of peer competition and the Champion Board motivates students to continue playing the game so as to outperform their peers. In the process, their vocabulary is strengthened. This learning platform appeals to students and enables them to learn Chinese in a joyful and self-directed manner.



针对这种情况,我校开发了“华文向前冲!”手机应用程序,希望通过游戏和循序渐进的内容学习,鼓励学生积极学习华文。“华文向前冲!” 结合了我校校本课程内容,提倡自主学习,让学生能随时随地使用移动器材学习华文。学生可以通过通关游戏累积词语。游戏中的神兽进化、同侪竞争和英雄榜给学生提供竞争的机会,激发他们斗志,让他们一再挑战自我,从而扩大词汇量,并巩固学习。这个创新的学习平台使学生觉得学习华文很有趣,也更愿意主动投入学习。

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