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S4 Speaking Chinese is Cool

听听说说 乐学华语

St Stephen’s School


While there are some pupils who face difficulty in expressing themselves in Chinese due to their limited vocabulary or a weak grasp of sentence structures, classroom observations at St Stephen’s School have shown that they have the calibre to think deeply and tackle higher-order thinking questions.

Riding on the curiosity of young learners, our teachers have developed effective teaching and learning strategies to enhance the oral proficiency levels of Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils. Oral lessons are designed with an emphasis on providing abundant input and output opportunities in authentic settings. Through this pedagogical approach, pupils learn vocabulary and sentence structures more systematically through thematic topics, which in turn enable them to converse in Chinese more confidently in real-life contexts. With the vocabulary and sentence structures built over two years, we have observed that our pupils are now more fluent in expressing their ideas and thoughts.





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