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S5 Take Flight on the Wings of Joyous Reading


Frontier Primary School


Language acquisition, character building and culture appreciation come to life at Frontier Primary School during Mother Tongue Language (MTL) lessons through our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), [email protected] – Frontier’s Approach to Communicating Effectively.

Our signature three-tiered Reading Programme in [email protected] equips “Frontierers” to be confident communicators who exercise critical thinking while being grounded in sound values. The school’s Thinking Silhouettes, our customised thinking framework, are embedded with varied genres and text types to enable all pupils to connect, explore and engage. Our pupils assume the six different profiles of the Thinking Silhouettes to extend their learning via authentic experiences.

Through our uniquely designed Reading Programme, our pupils read, navigate, articulate and lead with fun. At the same time, we nurture values in them and develop their thinking skills. Over time, pupils are empowered to apply the learning concepts in real-life scenarios and be future ready!





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