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S6 Bilingual Children’s Literature Appreciation Series


Greenwood Primary School


Greenwood Primary School believes in the character building of pupils through the use of children’s literature. As such, we have planned and introduced children’s literature appreciation in our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Bilingual Children’s Literature Appreciation Series (BLISS), to prepare pupils to thrive in the fast-changing and an increasingly complex world. BLISS incorporates Socratic Questioning (SQ) and Philosophy for Children (P4C) strategies to equip pupils with 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills while instilling the school values in them.

The BLISS curriculum has been developed specifically to target the above outcomes. Children’s literature texts are selected based on pupils’ learning needs. SQ and P4C strategies are purposefully introduced in BLISS lessons to give the opportunities to appreciate children’s literature, apply thinking routines in reasoning and decision making, accept different perspectives, form opinions in relation to the global issues related to the Singaporean context and other countries, and internalise the values learnt.




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