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S7 Chinese Made Fun with ICT


Henry Park Primary School


Leveraging on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Henry Park Primary school has designed a series of interesting learning activities to nurture the joy of learning. In addition, authentic tasks are used to promote the use of Chinese during daily interaction.

For the lower primary pupils, teachers use the Xuele platform to spark off pupils’ interest in class. The iMTL portal is used to create learning tasks such as “I am a little singer” and “Chinese riddles fun”. For the upper primary pupils, learning is further enhanced through the “Young Journalist” programme. With the use of ICT platforms, pupils not only learn to write emails, they also learn to craft interview scripts, record interviews and edit video clips to showcase and share their findings on the given topics.

These ICT experiences have effectively promoted self-directed learning and collaborative learning. Pupils have become more confident and proficient in using Chinese in their daily interactions.



对于低年级学生,教师利用“学乐网”引起学习兴趣,并使用“乐学善用”平台,布置不同的学习任务,例如“我是小歌手”、“看图猜成语”和“字谜”。高年级学生则参与“小记者计划”。除了使用“乐学善用” 平台练习写电邮,也利用电子设备编写采访稿、进行录制和剪辑,为校内外的各类活动作报道。


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