CL11 Rhymes and Stories: The Mysteries Uncovered


Dr Sin Joo Ee

Dr Sin Joo Ee 陈如意博士

School / Organisation
Singapore University of Social Sciences

2.15 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.

Room 310

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Dr Sin holds a Doctor of Arts degree in children’s literature from Beijing Normal University, China, and is currently Senior Lecturer at the Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education Programme (BECCE) at the SR Nathan School of Human Development at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS.) She is also the Head of the Master of Early Childhood Education (Chinese) Programme at the Centre for Chinese Studies at SUSS. She is an experienced teacher trainer. She is a winner of the 2011 NUS Centre for Language Studies Teaching Excellence Award.




There are infinite possibilities to how a child develops. With sufficient stimulus, the child’s linguistic potential can be activated and developed at a stunning speed. Hence, we need to provide the right stimuli needed for linguistic development. We know that children love to listen and sing nursery rhymes and role-play their favourite stories. If we can leverage on the wonder of these rhymes and stories, we can support their learning of Chinese. We invite teachers and parents to come and learn how we can create the right environment, activate our children’s senses, draw them into the exciting world of the stories and charm them with the beauty of Chinese. Join us for a journey of listening, viewing, speaking, role-playing, doing and playing!




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