CL12 Hugging Nature: A First Lesson in Traditional Chinese Culture Education for Early Childhood

亲亲自然 : 幼儿中华文化教育的尝试

Ma Kin Chung
Lam Man Ki, Miki
Lee Man Yi, Kary

Mr Ma Kin Chung 马健聪
Ms Lam Man Ki, Miki 林敏琪
Ms Lee Man Yi, Kary 李敏怡

School / Organisation
Singapore Press Holdings;
CnC Design and Cultural Studies Workshop

3.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Room 310

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Mr Ma Kin Chung, education director of CnC from Hong Kong, obtained his BA(Hons) in Industrial Design from the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has coordinated and participated in cultural research and education programmes, such as “We All Live in the Forbidden City”, “Living with Bamboo” and “In Touch with Palace Museum”.

Miki Lam, cultural education tutor of CnC from Hong Kong, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in Applied and Media Arts. Miki endeavours to arouse children’s interest towards Chinese culture and looks forward to sharing its modern-day significance and the value of Chinese traditional culture.

Kary Lee, cultural education tutor of CnC from Hong Kong, obtained her master’s degree in journalism and communications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kary has devoted herself to promoting the history and beauty of Chinese tradition and culture. She does this via interactive and customised workshops and education programmes for children in schools and members of the public.






Through the example of “Hugging Nature”, a programme curated and developed by CnC in collaboration with kindergartens in Hong Kong, this talk is designed to inspire parents and early childhood educators in Singapore on the teaching and learning of traditional Chinese culture in early childhood. The aims are twofold: to explore the value of traditional culture in early childhood education; and to develop best teaching and learning practices.


设计及文化研究工作室曾与香港幼儿园合作开发了 “亲亲自然” 项目,反应热烈。因此,该工作室将以此为例与新加坡家长以及学前教育工作者分享中华文化在幼儿教育的尝试。这场工作坊旨在探讨传统文化于幼儿教育中的价值以及分享幼儿教育的经验和发展趋势。

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