CL13 A Bowlful of Love


Lam Man Ki, Miki
Lee Man Yi, Kary

Ms Lam Man Ki, Miki 林敏琪
Ms Lee Man Yi, Kary 李敏怡

School / Organisation
Singapore Press Holdings;
CnC Design and Cultural Studies Workshop

4.45 p.m. – 5.45 p.m.

Room 310

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Miki Lam, cultural education tutor of CnC from Hong Kong, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in Applied and Media Arts. Miki endeavours to arouse children’s interest towards Chinese culture and looks forward to sharing its modern-day significance and the value of Chinese traditional culture.

Kary Lee, cultural education tutor of CnC from Hong Kong, obtained her master’s degree in journalism and communications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kary has devoted herself to promoting the history and beauty of Chinese tradition and culture. She does this via interactive and customised workshops and education programmes for children in schools and members of the public.





Hi, parents and children, when was the last time you had a meal with your family? In Chinese society, we always use a bowl and chopsticks to have a meal, but do you know the meaning behind them?

A bowl contains the caring thoughts of countless loving hands, filled to the brim with well wishes even before a meal is served. Children, learn to cherish these blessings as you feast on a sumptuous meal. When used expertly, chopsticks are a handy tool that can only be perfected through practice and patience while pushing yourself to the limit and facing obstacles head on. Pick up blessings from a bowl and share them out!

Thumbs Up Little Junior invites you and your parents to join us in this workshop where you will participate in fun activities and watch animation!

(This workshop is 60 minutes; each pair must consist of a K1/K2 child accompanied by a parent. Limited to 50 pairs of participants.)


家长和小朋友,你们好!还记得上次跟家人吃饭是什么时候吗? 我们常用碗筷进食,但你知道它们背后蕴藏的意义吗?




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