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Ms Liang Hui Yu

Ms Liang Hui Yu 梁慧瑜

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Speak Mandarin Campaign

2.15 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.

Room 311

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Ms Liang Huiyu is the founder of Dandelion Books. She was a former secondary school teacher and has spoken at numerous book events to promote the reading of Chinese books in local schools and among young families. She launched Dandelion, a subscription-based home reading program, in 2016, to take parent-child reading to a whole new level in Singapore.


梁慧瑜是阅芽蒲公英创办人,曾是中学华文教师。她积极推广中文阅读,曾受邀参与亚洲少儿读物节、讲华语运动、职总U Care公益活动——开学乐展销会等活动,也到过超过70所本地学府进行故事与阅读活动。她于2016年成立了家庭式阅读配套“阅芽蒲公英”,提供优质的童书与精心设计的资源,让家长们可以在家中轻松与孩子进行阅读。


Need advice and ideas on how to embark on an exciting lifelong reading journey with your little one? Join us in this session where experienced educator Liang Huiyu teaches and demonstrates how you can read effectively to your little one and inspire him/her in the learning of Chinese through storytelling! Huiyu will also be sharing on how you can pick the best books most suitable for your child and develop his/her interest in reading.



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