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Dr Soh Kay Cheng

Dr Soh Kay Cheng 苏启祯博士

School / Organisation
Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

3.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Room 304

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Dr Soh Kay Cheng is currently Research Consultant at the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. He specialises in educational psychology and has done extensive research in many aspects of education. He has recently published books on bilingualism, creativity, world university rankings and international comparative achievement.




For a child to learn Chinese well, he must have ample opportunity to listen and use it in his daily life. For this reason, parents (especially the mother) need to interact with their child using Chinese. This ensures that the child receives comprehensive input which is critical for the effective learning of the language. In addition, the child needs to be motivated, be provided with learning materials, have ample opportunities to use Chinese at home and be able to see his progress. There are several advantages for the child to become bilingual beyond school requirements. By interacting with the child in Chinese, parents literally turn their homes into an environment with a 24-hour immersion programme in which their child can learn the Chinese effectively and happily.

This session will be conducted in Chinese.




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