CL7 Enhancing Children’s Motivation to Learn Chinese through Stories and Drama


Dr Chen Ren-fu

Dr Chen Ren-fu 陳仁富博士

School / Organisation
Singapore Centre for Chinese Language

2.15 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.

Room 308

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Dr Chen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the National Ping Tung University of Education in Taiwan. He has been working in the field of drama in education for over twenty years. In the last three years, Dr Chen has conducted close to a hundred workshops and speeches in Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia. His areas of expertise include creative drama, drama in education and story-telling. He has translated two books on drama in education, Improvisation with favourite tales: integrating drama into the reading/writing classroom and Making sense of drama: a guide to classroom practice. He has also published many research articles on drama in education and more than ten sets of children’s mother tongue instructional materials.




Dr Chen Ren-Fu has advocated full immersion for Mother Tongue Language (MTL) teaching and learning in Taiwan for more than ten years. This session explores how the family can play a part in facilitating a child’s learning of their MTL, specifically through drama-in-education. Dr Chen will be sharing on how he successfully utilised stories with a straightforward storyline and highly repetitive content to engage the family as they act out the story in their MTL. The sharing will also include follow-up activities that parents can further engage their children with. We invite you to join us for the sharing to explore how drama can invigorate the learning of MTL and propel your children forward in their journey of MTL learning in a fun and exciting way.



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