CL9 Skills on Interacting with Newborns to Three-Year-Old Children


Dr Connie Lum 林美莲博士

School / Organisation
NTUC First Campus

4.45 p.m. – 5.45 p.m.

Room 308

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Dr Lum was awarded her Ph.D. by the University of Western Australia in 2007. The title of her doctoral dissertation was “Creativity and the Teaching of Creativity in Singapore Pre-schools”. Dr Lim is currently the Group Mother Tongue Languages Officer of NTUC First Campus. She has nearly twenty years of experience in the fields of pre-school teaching, training and curriculum design. She also leads the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning’s Pre-School Chinese Language Education Support Group. Dr Lim often shares her views and knowledge on pre-school education at local and overseas talks, as well as media interviews.




The first three years of life are a critical period for babies’ intellectual and character development. Hence, caregivers play an important role. As early childhood experiences have a significant impact on a child’s brain development, a loving environment, positive social and emotional experiences and good communications help to enhance the child’s holistic development.

In this workshop, Dr Connie Lum will share strategies to enhance interactions with infants and toddlers, such as the design of the home environment, nursery rhymes, songs, observation techniques and reading of picture books.



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